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Three weight options can help dial in overall swing weight. When fitting swing weight, good club fitters really know that they are instead fitting for the head weight. The cleveland classic xl fairway wood series 3balls golf feb 11, 2015 3283 views 0 comments golf is a game of yards, which means that its extra important to make sure youve got the best woods available to help you get off the fairway its a nice place to visit, but lets face it, nobody wants to live there. The golfworks gm0005 the grip master the roo leather golf grip. I loved the retro look of the original classic, and i think the classic xl custom looks just as good, not as pure retro, but still cool.

On paper, the classic xl custom driver features an adjustable hosel that allows for up to 12 different face angles and loft and lie angle configurations. Quickship products leave the warehouse same day or 12 days. Cleveland also positioned the cog in the optimal location for a higher, more penetrating ball flight. It felt real easy to swing but tip was so soft i had to choke down on it to control it and it balloons badly into the wind. Explore an array of golf club shafts at the lowest prices guaranteed. True temper swing speed and tempo to shaft flex chart. Dumas scale pt212 higgins patrol torpedo boat, wooden model kit 1257 add to wishlist. One youve picked your setting using the table provided with the driver instructions seen on our 588 custom driver news page, you simply screw the clubhead back on and.

The cleveland classic xl custom driver is available in lofts of 7. Replacing the shaft on your golf clubs can be affordable and easy. Features and benefits of the 20 cleveland classic xl custom driver. I love ebay, but what i dont love is the crazy amount of scrolling i have to do. The cleveland 588 custom driver proves that hype does not equal performance. The balance will be due when you pick up your finished 5x8 single axle trailer. The main advantage of the 588 custom model over the altitude is the ability to promote a more precise ball flight through adjustability. I now drive the ball from the callaway at 180 yards to 220 yards. The retro look was clearly too much for some, though, as cleveland. It has a contrast face like an old wooden driver, yet is 10x the size of an old driver. The largest, deepest driver face in golf means the largest effective hitting area for incredible confidence on the tee. All 5 x 8 ft enclosed trailers are manufactured in the order in which customer trailer deposits are received. Rory mcilroys 2020 schedule when is rory next playing. An adjustable hosel and interchangeable weight port allow any golfer to.

Weve broken down our driver test results into three different swing speed categories. The cleveland golf torque wrench is used for adjusting the face angle, changing out the shaft, and switching the interchangeable weight on the driver. Headlining clevelands 20 driver line is the all new classic xl and its bringing a slightly different feel and look along with the technology that has been proven effective not only for the weekend warrior, but also on worldwide professional tours. Bulbhead is the official inventor of pocket hose, atomic beam, star shower, red copper pans. Aug 25, 2015 if you consistently hit the heel or toe of the driver, you might adjust the weight to move the sweet spot towards your normal contact point. Cleveland also recently introduced the 588 altitude driver, which is billed as a great option for lessexperienced gameimprovement players and those with moderate to slow swing speeds. The clubs contain classic womens features, such as lower swing weights plus shorter, more flexible shafts. Cleveland classic xl custom driver discount prices for. The standard swingweight of the classic xl custom driver varies depending on the shaft.

Artesania latina 5 scale titanic lifeboat wooden ship model kit 19016 backorder due 312020 add to wishlist. Check out this index for easy access to all of our coverage of golf news, instruction, equipment and courses. Dec 23, 2014 all the clubs measured d2 on my swing weight scale. The thing is a clydesdale without the affiliation to lousy beer. The shaft in the custom is a bit stiffer to me and requires a faster swing to get a good straight ball or a draw going. Same swing speed, same swing, just a better driver. Weight removed from grip and shaft for a higher balance point, which maintains traditional feel while promoting more speed through impact.

Our high quality used golf clubs are affordable and in great condition, so you can do what you love best without the high cost. Kids golf is to help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and encourage family interaction that builds lasting memories about us help us by donating today. The easiest way would be to put a grip on that is about 5g heavier then the one currently on. The new cleveland classic xl driver is being described as the game improvement option and the custom is being described as the better players version. In the 588 custom driver, cleveland use an adjustable weight screw. Rigid frames are lighter, since there is no need for the additional hardware of a folding frame. Anyone tried the cleveland classic xl fairway wood. The cleveland classic xl custom is arguably the underappreciated workhorse of our test. If your swing speed is declining, a whippier club can impart more energy to the ball at the point of impact. In part two of this threepart series, were showing data specific to midrange swing speeds 90105mph. Weight removed from grip and shaft for a higher balance. Many women find that when they try to use golf clubs designed for men, the clubs are either too heavy or long or both, and are too stiff. The golfworks st02 super stroke stech cord golf grips.

As taylormade explains, shaft flexes usually are categorized as ladies, for swing speeds under 60 mph, seniors, for swing speeds between 60 and 70 mph, regular, for swing speeds 70 to 80 mph, stiff for speeds between 80 to 90 mph and. The golfworks st0128 super stroke traxion wrap golf grip. I wont name any names on that topic, but the cleveland classic xl custom driver performs as well, if not better than it looks. The cleveland launcher 460cc driver is a driver for golfers with a high swing speed. Folding frames are recommended for users that need to transport their chair. Apr 03, 2019 i wanted to experiment with a slightly different swing weight in both the g410 driver and the lst 3w i purchased. Chances are that shaft may not be the right one for you.

An adjustable hosel can be moved to 12 settings to change the face angle by up to 2. Oakridge hobbies hobby supplies, scale modeling, dollhouse. You can get it was an authentic aftermarket miyazaki shaft, an original fubuki or a real. Maltby design golf club swingweight scale ralph maltby. Standard lengths standard lengths are based on lengths required for swingweights to be in normal acceptable ranges at standard head weights. Originally cleveland filled a niche market producing high quality replicas of classic golf clubs from the 1940s and 1950s but soon became regarded as an. On top of the shaftadjustability options, the 588 custom employs variable face thickness for a large sweet spot and lower cg for higher launch conditions. Electrical and industrial power management solutions eaton.

Cleveland has tried to hide some of the girth by using a darker paint but its still a really big club. For use with cleveland golfs classic xl custom driver. Cleveland golfs 588 custom driver something for everyone. Loft, lie, length, swingweight, volume, face angle, shaft.

It features a shorter beam to save space on counter tops, superb accuracy and a robust construction, this scale measures swing weight and static weight in grams and ounces. Kua 39r special edition shaft that seemed to complement the driver and my swing perfectly. Remember, swing weight is not an actual measurement of weight as are grams, ounces or pounds. Designed with an appearance that harkens back to the wood persimmon drivers from the days of old, the classic 270 driver will start turning heads before you even tee up. As for the shape and size, the classic is a traditional pearshaped driver with a deep clubface, two traits in driver design that have stood the test of time. True temper golf shafts are in the bags of more players on the pga, champions, european and japan tour than all other shaft brands combined. In the case of swing weight, however, there is a clearer relationship between weight and speed. Many variables affect the performance of a driver including shaft weight, club head. Its in the top 3 bestselling golf club drivers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as wilson staff c300 or kickx golf blast driveway cleveland classic xl was released in 20. Its in the top 3 bestselling golf club drivers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as wilson staff c300 or cobra golf king f7 cleveland classic xl was released in 20. Picclick is an elegant and simple tool that is more enjoyable to use than the builtin search tools on ebay.

Hopper grain trailers 2285 horse trailers 382 intermodal container trailers 263 intermodal container chassis only 546 live floor trailers 549 livestock trailers 974 log trailers 412 lowboy trailers 2790 oil field trailers 266 open top trailers 164 pole trailers 82 pup trailers 226 reefer trailers 5882. I just changed from a callaway xhot senior driver to the cleveland 588 custom reg shaft driver, which is 10. A large 460cc titanium head gives the driver the size and forgiveness. Whether youre looking for a classic cleveland driver or a modern model, like the launcher hb, weve got you covered. Over the past twenty years, golf club manufacturers have been making clubs.

The price of the weights are noticeably cheaper than competitors weights. Gigagolf sells custom golf clubs at factorydirect pricing with our 30 day play guarantee. Cleveland classic xl custom driver cleveland drivers. Swing weight is an arbitrary measurement of the relationship of weight in a golf club about the 14inch fulcrum point on a swing weight scale. At first glance the classic xl custom stands out for its intense black.

Golf drivers for younger junior golfers 6 to 10 years old, with driver swing speeds of. For me, the club doesnt need any additional weight in the head because cleveland uses a light weight stock grip. The total club weight is 285 grams with a 45inch stock. The classic xl custom has the largest and deepest face of any driver currently on the market.

The auditor proshop swing weight scale was originally intended for the golf retail store but has become a best seller among hobbyist and small repair shops. Obviously the custom will cost more however surely the added adjustability would actually benefit. Interchangeable weight port allows swing weight to be fit to each individual player. The classic xl custom driver by cleveland in new for 20. Alan unruh, pga professional discusses the features and benefits of the cleveland classic xl custom driver. Dont be fooled by its classic looks, this driver will explode off the clubface for massive distance off the tee. Our newsletter brings you the best of these finds, as well as helpful product tips and advice. The xl custom also has an adjustable hosel and rear weight. Swingweight is a measure of how the weight of the club feels during the swing and can be influenced by factors such as club length, shaft weight and club head weight. This is their first adjustable driver, so were curious to know whats so different about it.

I am a 74 year golfer and i have a very low speed swing. One thing i like about titleist is they do not make grand claims on performance like gain 20 yards. Golf stix value guide is the industrys leading tradein website for golf professionals. Im having a nightmare trying to find a driver setup that suits me. The classic xl custom driver has the largest and deepest club face of any driver in golf with an even larger sweet spot. Its in the top 3 bestselling golf club drivers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as wilson staff c300 or kickx golf blast driveway. Equipment 4 days ago what golfwrxers are saying about one length clubs. Cleveland golf classic xl driver mens, left hand, graphite, stiff.

With 12 different settings to choose from the cleveland 588 custom driver is. Dec 11, 2018 the adams idea line includes woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and even a putter. The maraging steel face creates metalwood like face flex while tungsten weight in the toe and shaft boost the moment of inertia to mitigate the loss of speed on mishits by more than five percent compared to g700. In past tests, like our shaft weight study, weve shown mixed results for the theory of lighter is faster. Cleveland classic xl custom driver pga value guide. You dont have to buy the most expensive golf clubs just to get a great score on the green. Cleveland classic xl is a popular option on the lower end of the price range. Given the restrictions on head size this also means the that slightly rounded clubhead is a little more compact visually from above than most other 460cc drivers. The company got its start under the leadership of namesake roger cleveland, who founded the company in 1979. Dont be fooled by its classiclooks, this driver will explode off the clubface for massive distance off the tee. Shop by department, purchase cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, cameras, baby items, and everything else on ebay, the worlds online marketplace. Make your buddies jealous when youre 20 yards by them and get your cleveland classic xl driver from 2nd swing today. Adjustable hosel can be moved to one of 12 different settings for optimal face angle and flight.

When ordering, you will be charged the deposit only. As weve done in the past, for 2018, were again segmenting our data to provide more meaningful information to the individual golfer. With the variety of shaft weights, both in woods and irons, variations in these lengths may be necessary to achieve desired swing weight rate readings. The surefit hosel remains the same, so you can use old shafts and your existing wrench with the new 915 line.

Well, i have searched and searched all over the net for 3d models, just looking at the prices of them i knew i could never afford them, and when i seen that this site allowed one download per uploaded model with free registration, i couldnt believe it, i am finally getting quality models at no cost to me, all i do is upload, and boom, i get one free download, i suggest everyone join up and. All of the features and benefits of the classic xl are tuneable with this custom version. In the dizzying world of adjustable clubs, the 588 custom is one of the most precise. I have used a taylormade driver for the last 10 years and loved every minute of it, but after hitting the cleveland classic xl driver, i have been converted. Greg swings the new cleveland classic xl custom driver.

September 19, 20 we find cleveland golfs product range for 20 the wedges, irons, woods, irons very attractive, and this time weve had the chance to test their latest driver, the surprising classic xl custom. The one thing that is different with the cleveland classic xl custom is the screw type. There are dozens of newer golf club drivers on the market. Swing weights range fro m a0 at the lightest to g10 at the heaviest, with most mens clubs coming in around d0 to d2 and womens clubs weighing c5 to c7. The cleveland classic 270 driver is one of the coolestlooking efforts by cleveland to date. The face angle is what cleveland want golfers to adjust with the 588 custom driver. Cleveland xl custom wrench discount prices for golf. Dumas 2 scale 24 jenny lee tug, wooden boat model kit 1268 add to wishlist. Apart from telling us they liked the classic looks duh, the truth is there wasnt much conversation about the classic. Scale markings are large, easy to read, and are printed on both sides of the scale, so readings can be taken from either side.

I hit the cleveland classic xl driver and 3w today at golfsmith and both of them are beauties. Official guidance for golf after lockdown announced. Swing weight is measured on a swing weight scale and is referenced with an alphanumeric code. Cleveland 588 driver offers custom adjustability for all golfalot. My xls with the oem fuji fit on gold stiff was swingweight d. Be sure to check out our selection of used cleveland drivers as well. If you were to switch to a heavier grip, changing the head weight might be necessary to preserve the swing weight. The hibore xl offers great performance, lots of forgiveness, quality stock shafts and a reasonable price. Every true temper steel golf shaft is made in the u. Went to this from a 270 classic driver right hand, stiff flex, 9.

My original take on the cleveland classic was that i simply did not buy into the classic looks concept the fact that it was designed to evoke memories of the old persimmon woods was not. This golf club scale measures swingweights using the industry standard 14 fulcrum principle which provides direct swingweight readings c8, d2, etc. For a lighter swingweight, switch to the 3gram weight. The classic xl custom driver has 12 different faceangle settings, 3 interchangeable head weights and 4 different premium stock shaft. The industry standard golf club scale designed by ralph maltby. Originally cleveland filled a niche market producing high quality replicas of classic golf clubs from the 1940s and 1950s but soon became regarded as. As a result, the standard size of golf club for women is shorter in length and is designed for women that are between 65inches 55 and 69inches 59 tall. The total club weight is 285 grams with a 45inch stock shaft, giving it a swing weight of d5. Diversified power management company and global technology leader in electrical systems for power quality, distribution and control.

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