Neutrik patch bay templates

Aztec patchbay editor pro is an audio and video patchbay labeling software. Mixperience samson s patch plus patchbay labels sticker designer. The universal connection system allows a wide range of connectors and switches, with the neutrik d. The patchbays below have fivefoot pro audio cables prewired to the rear of the patchbay. Pro define default socket configuration for termination panel templates. Held into rack by 4 screws included, the removable front panel has 2 separate screws to make changing configurations fast and easy. You can do a basic set up of your recording studio with 4. One thing i underestimated was the amount of extra audio cables id need. Fill in your own patchbay design with this xlsx spreadsheet and return to mr. Your patchbay should be carefully thought out to maximize your creative flow.

Label template for neutrik nysppl1 patch bay gearslutz. The fella that wired our place, had an old software that only worked on ppc with his drag and drop color code spacing template for out tsm tt patch bays. It has two blank 48 point patchbay templates per a4 sheet. Mixperience studio labeling magnetic labels and stickers. Sometimes a cell will be center aligned, sometimes not and custom aligned to. Normalling comes in two flavors, fullnormal and halfnormal. Product information for patch bay design and designation strip software tool patchverx v4 patchbay label creator manufactured by wirecad. Mystery mpv fmca series panel 5 each 12inch d with color coded label, adccommscope 21110361 1 port single gang wallte labeled almond, adccommscope 21110381 3 port single gang wallte labeled. And here it is filled out with my own current configuration. That makes it easy for you to get your patching jobs done right. Connectors for led display applications brochures 29 oct 2019.

Neutrik makes a little windows program called patchlabel. Click on that image above to see drawings of the patch bay module signal flow that neutrik always has on the side of their patch bays. Fully balanced and extremely durable, our 48point patchbay makes all your connections easy. Essential audio tools neutrik s nyssppl is a professional 48point 14 trs patch bay with 24 front pairs and 24 rear pairs. Custom text and custom color patchbay front panel labels sticker, specially designed for patchbay samson s patch plus. It is basically an image of the front of the patchbay that i captured from behringers pdf documentation. A patchbay is a central audio connection area for all the gear in a studio that allows any connection to or from equipment to be made in one location with a standardized cable and connector. Thought id share the template i made, using the free software supplied by the ptouch makers an app called ptouch editor.

A patch bay groups all of the input jacks into one place so that devices mounted in racks can be connected without having to poke around with a flashlight. Patch bays are used in the studio to enable different devices such as microphones, effects, and instruments to be connected easily with recording equipment such as a mixer or an amplifier. High quality long life neutrik patch panel with prewired dual jacks. Buy your neutrik nyssppl 14 balanced patch bay from sam ash and receive the guaranteed lowest price. In this way the area is used more effectively for labeling. The r196d25pg 1u patchbay connects to equipment and outboard gear utilizing the industry standard 25 pin dsub tascam pinout on all rear dsub connectors. In the past ive normally only had to pick up a few cables here and there from the local music shop for the latest bit of kit. The template will not fit the px2000 patchbay, the spacing of the connectors is. An orange background will indicate which patchbay is your user template. For whoever needs it, this is an excel spreadsheet i worked up with the proper spacing for a 96 point tt switchcraft bay. The mergesplit cells seems to work better for me than in excel. Plus, tips on building and fitting racks for your gear. The pb48 is a patchbay that just works, all the time, every time. Individual, fast and easy normalling configuration.

Neutrik nysppl1 patch bay label template for mac anyone who might have a template for making labels for the neutrik nysppl1 on a mac excel, word or other neutriks own label program is for windows only. Behringer px3000 patchbay labels i created a simple microsoft word template that i use to print out neat labels for the behringer px3000 patchbay. During osx installation or upon running the program the first time you will have to navigate a series of popups. Press save to add the template to the template manager. Available to all users, patchcad includes the largest collection of templates ever assembled, ready to use in an intuitive. You can do a basic set up of your recording studio with 4 patch bays 24point like those pictured above. But really, once you know the fundamental rules and conventions the process is as easy as running cables from one piece of gear to the next. Your source for audio patchbays from top brands like switchcraft, tecnec, neutrik and canare. The redco r196d25pg 96 point bantam patchbay has two rows of 48 bantam jacks in 1u of rack space. Get the guaranteed lowest prices on neutrik patch bays instruments at musicians friend. Design beautiful and accurate patchbay systems within minutes using the new and. The following drawings can be used as a guide to create your custom conx cable assembly.

The tt connectors are stereo spaced for easy identification. At first, knowing how to use a patchbay seems like it would require a textbook, a doctorate in electrical engineering, an iq of 300, and some magical incantations. So, start by mapping out your system, and deciding what you need access to, and how you want that access handled. That patchbay is labelled on the chart as neutrik patchbay rack 2 nonnormalled, just to keep things straight. Canford universal connection panel kit 1u 1x16, black. Neutrik patch bay labels ski oakenfull official website. But what if you want to patch the output of the mic pre female to the back of the patchbay female. After searching around unsuccessfully for a template to print labels for my 14 jack neutrik patchbay, i decided to make one myself. Le patchbay audio lart du routage dans le homestudio.

A patchbay can make your studio much quicker to use, but can also be a nightmare to set up, so heres advice on which to choose and how to connect it up for the best results. Patchcad is now available in standard and pro versions. Product folder xirium pro europe brochures 23 mar 2016. Neutrik nyssppl1usa 14 trs programmable patchbay the easy way to link your audio systems. The first one will be a warning that you downloaded the file from the internet. Below you will find a list of all the templates that are currently available in.

Meaning you must buy twelve eightchannel snakes for each 96 point tt patchbay to wire to your devices which costs much more money. The template will not fit the px2000 patchbay, the spacing of the connectors is different. I offer any connectors you need including db25male connectors. Looking for easy to edit label template, for neutrik 96 bantam tt patch bay. User templates can be edited, revised and modified. Whether labelling a patchbay, a termination panel or designing a whole studio from scratch, patchcad has the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Patchverx v4 patchbay label creator patch bay design and. I just installed 3 canare 26 port, 4ru high patch bays, and im wondering if there are any templates out there for excel or word that i could use for the labels. I did download the small patchbay program from neutrik, but it doesnet have a 26 port layout. Download earlier versions of aztec patchbay editor pro installers. If youre tired of climbing behind your racks, and finding the right cable every time you want to use a piece of outboard gear or a console insert point, it may be time to find yourself a patchbay. You could only do this if you have a reversible patchbay like the hosa patch bay, 12point, reversible or if you want to start paying out for clunky xlr adapters. Custom front panel labels sticker for patchbay samson s.

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