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This application note describes a high accuracy, low cost, singlephase power meter based on the ade7757. Energy meter rate display electrical project topics. The msp430f6736a source code along with the evm430f6736 design files that are described in this. Results from recent realtime feedback studies aceee. U128x and u8x meters signal current transformers with reversed polarity with a flashing of the respective phase symbol in the display. For this project electronic meter is used on which direct digital display of energy consumed in kwh is present. While more detailed planning and assessment studies occur on a regional, state and.

The main aim of the programmable energy meter project is to estimate energy consumed by load with the help of atmega and calculates the cost. Download the seminar report for prepaid energy meter using gsm. An electricity meter, electric meter, electrical meter, or energy meter is a device that measures. Mqxenabled mcf51em256 singlephase electricity meter reference design, rev. What links here related changes upload file special pages permanent link page. State level electric energy efficiency potential estimates.

Answer wikki energy is the product of current and voltagein the case of 3 phase supply power factor must be considered. Electro mechanical energy meterthe energy meter consists of two a. Smart energy meter with instant billing and payment. An automatic remote meterreading system based on gsm is presented in this paper. The electricity consumption meter shown in the figure facilitates the billing of energy meter along with load control using wireless gsm technology.

In order to accurately measure the electronic energy used for a electronic energy meter, suitable hardware and software have to be designed. Jul 25, 2018 in the first installment, you had the opportunity of learning about our energy meter, and of learning about its details, with special attention the technical ones. Smart meter are essential to efficient energy consumption and a key part of the smart grid infrastructure. This paper presents a single phase electrical energy meter based on a microcontroller from microchip technology inc. The conventional mechanical energy meter is based on the phenomenon of magnetic induction. This is a microcontroller based wireless energy meter, as 8051 microcontroller is used for controlling the entire system. Shanthi2 department of ece, bannari amman institute of technology, sathyamangalam, india1 assistant professor, department of ece, bannari amman institute of technology, sathyamangalam, india2 abstract this paper mainly focuses on the measurement of energy consumption. Drm121, mqxenabled mcf51em256 singlephase electricity meter. The circuit shown in figure1 is the circuit of energy metering. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Implementation of a singlephase electronic watthour meter using. Mar 14, 2015 robo india presents a project report on energy meter monitoring online using wireless transmission using gsm modem. This can be achieved by the use of microcontroller unit that continuously monitors and records the energy meter readings in its permanent nonvolatile. Design of a smart energy meter with overload trip facilities ijeat. Reading of energy meter based on image processing technology. Mcp3901 and pic18f65j90 energy meter reference design users. Energy meter circuit detailed project with source code. Robo india presents a project report on energy meter monitoring online using wireless transmission using gsm modem. In the case of electronic energy meter different transducers are used to calculate i,v and p. The key parameters calculated during energy measurements are root mean square rms current and voltage, active and reactive power and energy, power factor, and frequency. This is your opportunity to show the world the work that has been keeping you up at night. The project aims to replace the previous ferraris disc meters most commonly used for residential energy measurement with an inline.

The work in this paper, smart energy metering system based on gsm modem, overcomes the difficulties of the traditional system. Digital energy meter project report slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The software supports calculation of various parameters for singlephaseenergy measurement. The smart meter helps consumer stay fully informed about their daily energy use and eliminate wasteful routines or get rid of the inefficient appliance. Sreedevi2 department electrical and electronics engineering, r. Energy meter gives pulses which will be counted and displayed on lcd. Pdf a single phase microcontroller based energy meter. Mcp3901 and pic18f65j90 energy meter reference design users guide. The electronic energy meter is also better protected against tampering than its mechanical predecessor, and units for prepaid operation e. Wholesale metering and transmission reinforcement 4824p24ficht840322v2 2 rev no. Gsm based automatic energy meter reading system pdf ppt download this system enables the electricity department to read the meter readings regularly without the person visiting each house. If a meter is used in combination with a current transformer.

But these are now being gradually replaced by electronic digital energy meters. Electromechanical energy meters have been the standard for metering the electricity since billing began. So, if you are tirelessly tinkering with a tech project that solves complex problems and has applications to benefit society, and want to win great prizes, we want to hear from you. Applicaton for electric meter installation questions or comments. In order to make a conventional energy meter smart. Design and implementation of wireless energy meter system arxiv. It enables systematic pricing of energy consumed by individual consumer as it measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by a residence, business, or an electrically powered device 1. Apr 19, 2015 digital energy meter project report slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Implementation of a singlephase electronic watthour meter using the msp430f6736 bart basile, stefan schauer, kripasagar venkat abstract this application report describes the implementation of a singlephase electronic electricity meter using the texas instruments msp430f673x metering processor. A simple capacitive power supply for the msp430 energy meter. Prepaid energy meter using gsm, ask latest information, prepaid energy meter using gsm abstract,prepaid energy meter using gsm report,prepaid energy meter using gsm presentation pdf,doc,ppt,prepaid energy meter using gsm technology discussion,prepaid energy meter using gsm paper presentation details,prepaid energy meter using gsm, ppt, pdf, report, presentation, source code, abstract. I successfully built and tested the prototype residential energy meter. Application of smart energy meter in indian energy context. The aim of this project is to design a sample meter can accurately display real voltage. The smart energy meter as per claim 1, has a security code, meter counting and calculator. Energy metering emetering making sense of smart meter data. Based on the flow of current, the ferriwheel rotates which makes rotation of other wheels. Energy meter or watthour meter is an electrical instrument that measures the amount of electrical energy used by the consumers. It has a rotating aluminium wheel called ferriwheel and many toothed wheels. Interface circuit design the meter interface normally consists of a backup power supply, together with meter sensors, controlling electronics, memory for storing data and a communication. Design and implementation of gsm based smart energy meter sem for home applications 436 2040 units 200 10 above 40 units 300 10 the arduino uno is a microcontroller board based on the atmega328pu microcontroller. College of engineering, bangalore, indias1,2 abstract the purpose of this project is to develop a 3phase energy meter, using dspic33f microcontroller and mcp3909.

Utilities are one of the electrical departments, which install these instruments at every place like homes, industries, organizations, commercial buildings to charge for the electricity consumption by loads such as lights, fans, refrigerator, and other home appliances. A unit of energy, especially electrical energy, equ the work done by one watt acting for one hour and equivalent to 3,600 joules. This electronic meter does not possess any rotating parts, and the. The utility says the charge is needed to defray the cost of the solar customers access to the electricity grid. The project reads data from energy meter and uploads it to the server.

Energy meter is another important one in this system which is used for live reading of electricity consumption and which is interfaced with controller to communicate. This paper is useful to obtain meter reading when desired so meter readers dont need to visit each customer for the consumed energy data collection and to distribute the bill slips. Our energy meter is based on the coupling by means of two measuring transformers to an integrated circuit, that enables the detection of the values as. The effective energy usage of a device can often be determined by monitoring the according electrical devices over a long space of time. Gsm based automatic energy meter reading system pdfppt download. Below circuit shows the power supply circuit using the regulator ic lm7805. One is m1 is excited by line current, known as series magnet.

Smart energy meter with instant billing and payment r. Design and development of pic microcontroller based 3 phase. Cape light compact residential smart energy monitoring pilot. Irelands smart metering projectcustomer behavior trial cbt. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter working. This project consists of following blocks arm7 controller is central for all controlling of this smart energy meter. Meanwhile, the problem of the distorted current waveform from loads need to be considered. A project report on energy meter monitoring online using. Are the individual phases properly connected and is the phase sequence correct. Electrical energy meters principles and applications. U389x meters signal current transformers with reversed polarity with the reverse led lit up. The 4th generation digital energy meters from elmeasure. A smart energy meter device containing a base unit called meter and a remote unit called card functioning to work as prepaid energy meter with a facility for storing the data of customer with a calculating machine for caculating cost of meter reading. Pdf automatic energy meter reading using smart energy meter.

The measuring can easily be done by simple energy meter s from the local doityourself store. An electric meter or energy meter is an essential device that goes with consumption of commercially distributed energy. Implementation of a singlephase electronic watthour meter. This report describes work that i did on the design and implementation of a smart electricity meter for measuring the use of residential energy. Energy meter per hour average max and min load display on lcd now days there is rapid increase in the power consumption, which has given rise to the scarcity in the power generation. Presented here is a simple energy meter using analog devices ade7757 chip for singlephase, 2wire phase and neutral systems used in households. Design and development of pic microcontroller based 3 phase energy meter thousif ahamed1, a. It is a state of theart technology for obtaining electrical energy meter readings from anywhere automatically without human intervention. Automatic energy meter reading using smart energy meter.

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